Friday, August 01, 2008

If I Can't Find You on Google, You Don't Exist

So I hadn't heard anything from the AC people. NOTHING. No phone call, no anything. I'm sorry, but it's supposed to be 100 degrees for the next several days. Someone better call me.

So I get the number for the AC company. In the process of calling I start to Google them to see what I can find. NOTHING. Not even in the Yellow Pages. Are you kidding me? Plus the guy that answers the phone sounds like he's drunk. It's not even noon buddy! Then he proceeds to tell me that soonest they can even be in my area is on Monday. That's not even a for sure, we can be at your house on Monday. Where the heck are you located that you won't be in my area? BFE?

So I call the warranty people and ask if they can send out the idiots that did my AC job the first time. I figured, at least they called me ASAP and they did the crap job in the first place, they should be able to fix it. Plus they worked with me on the price of everything. You let me haggle with you and I start to like you slightly more. Plus I want them to look at the crap job on the AC filter since they put it in and you CAN'T GET IT OUT!

BTW, a little update on the AC. Last night we flipped the breaker on it and left it off for a good hour or so while we grilled and drank some beers on the patio. It was actually slightly cooler outdoors than in and we had Reese to chomp on all the flies that were attacking the shrimp kabobs. We go in and flip it on and it starts working again. it's cool in the house, but I'm not taking any chances on a weekend that we've got family visiting and 100 degree weather. No sir.

UGH! I just called the other people and the girl gave me some crap about we schedule them in the order they are received BS. Are you freaking kidding me? This is worse than trying to get my husband's employee discount on our cable bill!

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