Thursday, July 03, 2008


So I got really lazy and posted nothing about my list in the past couple of weeks. It's ok though, because I covered a lot of the stuff I accomplished in my other posts. Like I knocked out trying several new restaurants in Chicago - many of which I will return to when I go in September. I also went to a concert and a museum. I did update the master list which can be found over in the upper right hand corner of my blog.

Two things I accomplished list wise yesterday were trying a new recipe that I stole from Erin who stole it from The Pioneer Woman. I took no pictures of it (I need to get better at taking pictures of the new food I create) but it was quite yummy. Next time I'm going to add some more garlic (love me some garlic), add some diced tomatoes and John requested leaving the shrimp whole. In his words, He rather have a few large shrimp surprises than a bunch of shrimp bits. So whole shrimp it is.

I also finished Mansfield Park last night. It was one of the better reads of them so far. Although it didn't get quite so interesting until the very end. That's kind of how Jane Austen is though. Boring, boring, boring, SCANDAL, the end. I start Persuasion next.

Tomorrow brings the Hinchman Olympics. I hope everyone is just as excited as John and I about it. (Although he has yet to catch on that playing Guitar Hero is not an event). I also get to see my favorite out of town friend Sarah Scott. Pretty much the only person (aside from Euan) that I still talk to from High School. It should be a day of fun. I get to spend tonight and tomorrow prepping before everyone gets to the house. It's funny. I get to clean my house from top to bottom only to clean it again.

So my bit of crazy from today was talking my coworkers into eating bad with me. I'm on a bit of what I call a foodfest before I start WW next week. Basically I'm eating all the crap I want until then. One was not feeling it, but the other was. So we ganged up on her and got her to go across the street to the hotel and eat. Yummy, yummy burgers were had and just as we finished up the rain started. Now this is Texas. When it rains (or should I say, IF) it rains heavy and hard and usually for 5 minutes so we're thinking no big deal. 30 minutes later we're still waiting. Now you might be saying, well you only ate across the street you can't just run for it? No. We can't. The "closest" entrance is on the other side of the building. We're thinking we can make it to the cover of the loading dock, but there is a HUGE puddle alongside the hotel. So we'd have to walk down a bit in the rain and then run up again to get to the loading dock. So what do we decide to do? Take a cab. Yes folks, I took a cab for a distance of maybe 20 yards, but at least I'm not sitting in my office, miserable, cold and wet.

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  1. Your starting WW again? God, I know nothing about my friends anymore. Good for you girl!


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