Monday, July 14, 2008

One of the sadest moments of my life

So we got free tickets to go see the sneak preview of Step Brothers with Jack and Lauren. We're standing in line to get into the theater and the security people start walking around telling people what they can and can't take into the theater with them. One of the no no's - cellphones with picture or video functions. WHAT! I'm sorry my little phone is NOT going to be able to record a 2 hour movie. Seriously? Of course right as this dreadful moment when I am told that my lifeline to the rest of the world is going to be taken away from me the critters start crawlin' about. How is one to take pictures to later post on their blog for all their friends to laugh at without my phone? It's my super secret photo taking weapon and some guy with an emblem on his jacket is telling me I'm not allowed to have it anymore. John says, "take a mental picture." Seriously!? How is one to convey the teenage boy with his long blue jean shorts that he has sagging off his butt with his flannel boxers showing. To top this entire ensemble off he has a wife beater on. On top of this is a HUGE t-shirt that he has cut the sleeves from and torn all the way to the bottom seam. This allows one to see where the top of the pants are to where the boxers meet the wife beater. Oh yeah, he also had tube socks on that met up with the shorts. Classy. There was also muscle man in the little shorts and many many more. Do I get to share any of them with you? No. Talk to the little man in the jacket next time you see him.

Oh and the movie? Freaking hilarious!

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