Sunday, July 20, 2008

My weekend on the run

The weekend started off right. I had a wonderful leftover Chinese food breakfast.

Afterwards I was on my way. All the way out of the city and then I realized I had forgotten my contacts. Damn. called John and said I would meet him at Erin's since he was going to C's bday. 15 minutes of waiting for him he shows up and discovers that C's bday is a pool party. Oh and so is the 2nd he has to attend today. Apparently he never learned to read birthday party invitations. So I run to Target for him and buy him some clothes and finally get on my way. (Yes, there are no pictures of all this ridiculousness.) I am now leaving a whole 2 hours later than I had tried to the first time.

Finally get to the parent's house.

Hung out with them and Grandpa and then had some yummy Italian food at Joe's Italian.

Then it was on the road again to go and see Virginia.

Had to stop and pee along the way.

Stopped at a rest stop that was kind of a tease. It was all nice and new and there was a even a playground. A PLAYGROUND! Seriously!? When did we ever get a playground at a rest stop?

Except this shiny new rest stop was closed. I got the rest stop that I knew growing up (except for those time my parents would pull over, open both car doors, make my brothers turn around, and hand me some Kleenex).

You know the one:

Yep - the kind where you get the one floodlight shining down on you while you pee. While I was peeing I heard a very funny conversation between a mother and her little girl. The little girl was shocked about the metal toilet with no seat. Then she states, "mom, you can't pee here when there's a storm. Lightning is attracted to metal." All I can think about now is some poor trucker taking a dump and getting struck by lightning right in the middle. Wouldn't that just ruin your day?

A big surprise about this rest stop was one it was clean! Someone was actually there cleaning it and two it had a mirror! Yes, a real mirror! Not the piece of polished sheet metal that usually serves as a mirror.

Gotta love rest stop vending machines:

Started on down the road again and saw a van I'd like to rob:

Finally found my exit to take me to Virginia:

Got there, got ready and went and saw Richard at the place he works:

We unfortunately only spent $30 of the $75 tab we had. Very depressing.

Then we headed over to 5th street to Qua. Where I was told a very funny thing by a gay man over in my Tweets.

Discovered a new fashion trend I hate ever more than short shorts and heels:

(Sorry, a lot of the following pics were shot on my phone)

We also made a friend with Mr. Blue Fish

Before we left I offered to trade shoes with Virginia since her feet hurt. Worst idea EVER.

This lasted a whole 30 minutes before I asked for my shoes back, but the damage was already done by then.

Headed over to another bar. Virg kept saying One, but I think it was another number. All I know is that I finally got a picture with her with her eyes open and on the very first try!

Then it was off to Viggo oer something like that. Wasn't feeling it and decided to take out poor little feet home.

Found out the only exit is through a back alley. Love the smell of urine at 2 am!

Virg didn't make it very far in her shoes though:

I also found out she needs a bigger purse

Got back to the apartment and had to laugh at at Virg's neighbors

Woke up at 7:30 am to the drama that leads me to believe my hubby may need a nanny for whenever he goes out.

Got back to sleep around 8:30 and got to sleep in until 11.

Got ready and headed over to see my brother and my nephew. I also got attacked by the cat.

The promised pictures of my cutie pie nephew Ben

I got that middle face a lot from him. I don't think he knew what to do about his crazy Tia Faith. Also love that his Mickey ears I bought him finally fit his head.

and finally our closeup:

Took off and finally came home to veg out in front of the TV and catch up on all my laundry. I wish I had taken off Monday when I got this crazy idea to skip town on Friday....

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