Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More updates

The H*man Olympics are finally over! We had over 20 people at the house and it took us a couple of days to recover afterwards. I told someone earlier in the day that I was cleaning my house only to clean it again later. Boy did it need it too! Thanks to all the rain, my house became a mud pit. Thank god for wood and tile floors! Everyone had a great time, aside from a select few who feel they got "hosed" and that the games weren't "mediated" well, but oh well! Some people don't know how to have fun! Things got a little competitive. Many came dressed in team colors and emails were flying back and forth between team members. I actually think if we do it again (I've been asked to do a Winter Olympics, but we'll see) we'll start off with team competitions and then do the individual. It got harder as the day went on and people started to leave so group competitions really do need to come first. I really didn't get to take many pictures since I was running around so much. You can see some great pics here and here as well as their awesome recaps. Gotta love those that had a good time!

In other news I downloaded a TON of Lightroom presets. One more step on knocking that one off my list. Hopefully I'll find the time to play around with them all soon.

I'm also finally done with Physical Therapy! Now I just have to keep up with doing the stretches and exercises. While I still don't feel 100% I'm a lot better than I was before. I may still look at going to see the hand doctor, but at least my back is doing good. My foot, while they didn't treat that one, it's still hurting on and off. Heels are the only thing that keeps it from hurting, but then the rest of my foot hurts from being shoved in a fabulous looking heel everyday. Like they say, the cute the shoe, the more it hurts. I guess I'll be investing in some old lady pumps soon.

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