Tuesday, July 01, 2008


So John recently hit his 6 months at work and it came time to do benefits. Mine are paid for at work and his work pays for his as well. In fact they will even cover me for free as long as I keep mine. Great deal right? I get covered by two plans for free! Yay! When mine doesn't cover something fully, his will kick in and cover the other cost. Works out since John hasn't gone to the Dr. since he was 2 probably and me being a girl, well I gotta go at least once a year as well as have that favorite monthly prescription refilled. So at the very least I do cost a bit more medically than he does.

So I go online today and start playing around the site to get used to it. There's a coverage option and listed below are Common Medical Benefits. First on the list - Family Planning. Not that I'm in the family planning way or anything, but I do click it to see what they cover and compare to what mine covers. It's the usual run down of stuff and no big surprise that the do not cover fertility treatments. Not that I will need them (that I know of at least). I get farther down and see Abortions - elective or therapeutic. Elective? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm prochoice and if that's your decision I'm not gonna judge, but I was SHOCKED that an insurance company would cover this. Really? I just thought you had to swipe the cash from your parents' ATM or head down to the free clinic. Maybe even take your trascript to show your a student so you can get a discount. Not anymore! Good old insurance will cover it from now on. They also cover getting your tubes tied and having your man's balls snipped at 100% as well. Basically this insurance company will do ANYTHING to help you NOT get pregnant and will even help you out if you do and don't want it! Heaven forbid you end up having 7 little ones and add them all to your insurance plan! They'll probably shit a brick and send you literature on birthcontrol and how you can get your tubes tied for free! But, man, if you need help getting pregnant you are screwed. You better be rich or something because they are not going to help you out.

Wow. Just wow.

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  1. That site looks really cool. I think I'm going to go and make a page with my grandson's pictures.


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