Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

I never really got to post about my weekend. More like, I haven't had a chance to post so here goes!

Friday I bought 2 pairs of jeans.

Saturday we all went to Molly's wedding shower and had a great time! Lots of wine to be had by all, uhm I mean me and Erin.

We had the most AMAZING cake ever!

And even got Stephanie to play bride with us!

We then went to the mall where alcohol was not smuggled in in someone's purse. I bought another pair of jeans and a really cute dress.

Then John and I had dinner at Red Robin, where the onion ring tower conquered us. We attempted to see You Don't Mess with a Zohan, but it was sold out.

Sunday was spent watching countless hours of Law and Order. Thank you marthon Sundays! John also got me to play about 10 songs on Guitar Heron II. I NEVER got booed off stage either! I finally got off my butt, (read: got John off his butt) and hung curtains in the kitchen. I also washed and ironed all the curtains that we had the in the old apartment. I'm hanging some of those in the guest room (one pair went into the kitchen) and will hopefully get some new ones to put into the living room. Good bye vertical blinds!

I'm going to BFE for work tomorrow and Thursday and will hopefully have some more time to post. I'm also hoping to update my house site (it's an obsession on the Nest). What else am I going to do in a crap hotel (reminder, check to see if they have wireless access) in a small border town that boasts Applebees as the place to eat?

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