Thursday, June 05, 2008

Two Great Things I Heard Today

and it's only 11! Add to it lunch with Julie and dinner and drinks with the Knotties and it should be a good day! (Dang, I'm sad I forgot my camera because it would have been a great day to document in pictures!)

Here they are:

E: Please allow me to quickly express my frustration today!


ah...that's better.

J: I have officially translated that to "YOU! Fetch me a vodka and diet!!!"

and in another email:
S: I went to the DR for more Birth control this morning. She came in, asked the usual questions. Then she gets to "allergic to anything?" I was like, " Yes, penicillin and babies." She looks at me and then starts laughing hysterically and finally gets out "Babies?" I was like, "Yes, hence the reason why I'm here for birth control."

She was so enthralled with my response she gave me a lollipop reserved for the kiddies....SCORE!

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