Monday, June 16, 2008


I got up and let the monsters out. That big, black and white one, not ours. We're dog sitting that big ball of fluff.
I got ready and drove to met up with Erin. Saw this awesome exterminator's truck on the way. (You may have to click the picture to read it.)

Erin's getting married in December and I get to be a bridesmaid. So we headed up to New Braunfels so I could try on the dress and get fitted.

Of course the sample didn't quite fit and I've blocked out the part where they told me how big my hips were.

We also saw Erin's dress in the window.

The trauma of getting measured made us hungry. We both had salads.
Met up with Julie at La Cantera and did some shopping. Bought a couple of shirts and made fun of the plaid shorts Karl wanted.
Went and got a haircut after that

and then headed over to DSW and found some awesome new shoes.

I also decided to be nice and buy John two shirts and some shorts that he gladly modeled for me.

Then we were off to La Foccacia for Becky's Birthday

and we had the most awesome cupcakes ever (Thanks Erin!)
Then John and I headed over the Houlihans to meet up with 3 other couples from the Knot. Talked about weddings, Del Rio, but not porn this time.
Afterwards it was off to the Saucer to meet up with Karl.
He had to get 3 of his final 6 beers in. He's finishing his final 3 on Monday.
I was tired and went to nap in the car while John and Karl finished up their final beers. (Yes, I was the crazy person sleeping in the backseat of their car outside the bar) Saw an interesting license plate along the way.
Then it was off to home and to sleep. Thankfully the visiting monster let me sleep through the night.

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