Friday, June 20, 2008

My Dad Gave Me a $1 Bill

So I got another little postcard in the mail (I'll be waiting for the onslaught of mailings I will receive when I come back - Thanks for checking us out at the conference!) saying stop by our booth and win a Playstation 3! I picked it up and marched to my coworkers office and said. "I'm going to win a Playstation 3." She says, "ok, if I win it and you get and Ipod I'll trade you." I'm kind of speechless for a sec and ask her if she knows how much they cost. She tells me, "I don't care. I don't want it in my house." I tell her that they're like $500. She tells me that she is standing by her offer. If I win a Ipod and she wins a playstation, she'll trade me for it. All I can think of is the Shell Silverstein poem, "My dad gave me a $1 bill cause I'm his smartest son. I traded it for 2 quarters, cause 2 is more than one." We have also instigated a "what happens in Chicago, stays in Chicago" rule so that and wheeling and dealing we do with our conference goodies our husbands will be unaware of. Cause I know if I traded the Playstation for an Ipod, John would be marching over to her house and ripping the controllers out of her kids hands saying he got gypped or something.

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