Monday, June 16, 2008

List Update

This week I crossed a ton of things off my list!
  • I tried two new restaurants. Mainly because I was in Del Rio, but I made the effort and didn't eat fast food. It also helped that Emily let me borrow Jordan for dinner.
  • I finished Emma and have moved on to Mansfield Park
  • I walked the dogs
  • I made bread that is absolutely fabulous!

  • I also documented a whole day in pictures as seen in the post below
  • I've shared my blog with tons of people
  • I am also making progress on several things like keeping my desk and night stand cleaner (I bet John wishes I put the kitchen table on my list!), I'm documenting everthing as I go along and have even gotten others to make lists, and I'm taking so many pictures it's annoying John.

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