Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kickin' Old School

So, the monster necklace got me thinking about those time in college when I worked doing promotions (yes, I had TONS of jobs and have worked just about everywhere while I was in college). I found these lovely pictures that I thought I would share. They're from a few years back when the Final Four was here. I did promos for Monster. I still have the awesome track suit and even one of the visors that is signed by Tim Robbins. Maybe I'll sell it on Ebay when he dies and it can be worth some money. Sadly the giant foam hat did not make it.
This is the entire Monster Street Team Crew. Aren't we cool?
Me and the monster
Embarassing, you could say so. But hey, they paid $14/hour tax free. That's a TON of money back in the college days!

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