Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chicago Days 1 and 2


I barely survived John's driving on the way to the airport, but managed to get there in one piece

Found out the San Antonio Airport no longer believes in AC.

Got to Chicago a little bit late

Missed our first shuttle.

Spent 30 minutes waiting to get on one a the while thinking "I could be on the train halfway to the city right now.

Finally got on the shuttle only to be asked for the address of my hotel. Seriously? Do you see that sign there by the shuttle - we take you to A, B, C, D and E hotels. Are you telling me that you seriously do not know how to get to hotel B? Isn't that your f'ing job to drive people from the airports to hotels A-E? Last I checked your job didn't seem that hard.

Found out the driver was a mind reader since he then asked us to please not cuss him out as he's had a long day (yeah, like we haven't?)

Got to the hotel only to discover this is the smallest hotel room I've stayed in in my entire life. In fact my master bedroom is bigger than this hotel room. I'm pretty sure my bathroom at home is bigger than this one. Isn't that the point of staying in a nice hotel room in a major city? You're supposed to have this huge room with the most comfortable bed in the whole wide world. Yeah. Not so much.

Rushed to get ready to meet up with Euan and friends for pizza and beer - I swear he must have been a mind reader too. $12 cab fare later I arrive and then we walk back 6 blocks to the pizza place (coulda saved a few dollars).

Got some Chicago beer and some deep dish pizza.

Then we all piled into a cab

and headed into downtown to an 80's bar.

Sang a bunch of crazy songs, danced our feet off and laughed at the interesting people hanging around the bar.

Started to walk back to the hotel, stopped at Walgreens with all the other drunks to buy muffins and water, finished the short walk to the hotel and passed out fully dressed watching Hot Fuzz.


Woke up and called Mom aka my coworker. Told her I could be ready in 30 minutes to go and registered for the conference.

Figured out the complicated shuttle route and made it to the McCormick Center.

Got registered and found a vertically challenged in more ways than one sign.

Tried to figure out the subway schedule. Gave up and took the bus.

Arrived at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Finished up with lunch at Panda Express (classy and Chicagoish right?)

Headed back to the McCormick to hear Sydney Poitier.

Then it was time for free drinks and food in the expo hall.

Got $20 in Starbucks giftcards (THANK GOD since it's about a $1 more than usual),

Deirdre kicked my butt in Wii boxing. Hoping she still doesn't want it in case I win the Ipod and she wins the Wii.

Polished off the freshly baked cookies, got out passes for more free food and booze at a couple of receptions for tomorrow and headed back to the hotel.

Wore the wrong shoes all day and could barely walk the 2 blocks to the hotel.

Now I'm sitting on my big bed, resting my foot and blogging to all of you.

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