Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chicago Day 5

Woke up to a blaring siren.

Turned off the alarm, rolled over and went right back to bed.

Finally got up and headed to my last trip to the McCormick.

Went to two so so sessions. In all it was a really good conference and well worth the money.

Came back to the hotel.
Finally talked Deirdre in to trying a new restaurant.
I had an awesome mini pizza. She had pasta. I don't think I'll even get her to eat a Chicago Deep Dish.
Afterwards, I doped myself up, and braved the subway one more time and headed down to Michigan Ave.
I really went for shopping (ok, H&M) but managed to see some sights as well:
Then I discovered all these dresses. I couldn't figure it out, but I'm assuming it's something like the cows or guitars that are put around cities.
Found my beloved H&M. Discovered I really don't like shopping in downtown Chicago because you have to keep going up and up and up to find what you want. I rather have one giant floor full of stuff.
Couldn't find anything cheap enough to buy so I could get a Small Brown Bag even. :(
Braved the subway for the final trip and headed to the hotel to meet up for some dinner.
Decided to walk to a place we had been eyeing since day one.
Oh my god it was fabulous!
I'm taking John when I come back in September!
Walked back stuffed and slightly tipsy. A great way to end the Chicago trip.

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