Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chicago Day 4

Woke up and decided I deserved a pedicure. made my foot feel better.

Found out the spa doesn't take credit cards and can't charge it to my room. The lady is totally fine with me coming back and paying her some time during the day.

Really? You don't even know my name.

Ended up wallking to Walgreens to buy some old lady orthopedic insoles for my shoes and got cash to pay for the pedicure.

Headed to the McCormick for my sessions and to tour the exhibit hall.

Wore the same stinkin' shirt for the 3rd day (always over another shirt) trying to win an Ipod.

I got nothing.

Finished the day and headed to the hotel to drop off all the swag and to get some food.

Ate some awesome spinach ravioli at the corner restaurant.

Felt I needed to explain that the Chicago Gold Coast is not the 3rd Coast. The GULF Coast is the 3rd coast

Deirdre and I with our yellow wrist bands and our blue glow necklaces headed back to the McCormick to see - Lionel Richie.

Earlier John asked what I was doing this evening. I said casually, going to see Lionel Richie. Appearantly my husband is a huge fan and I was NOT showing enough excitement for this appearantly momentous occassion.

Walked in to the auditorium and checked to see if our necklaces were glowing (they had broken just walking around the hall on Sunday

Turns out they were and we got to move up to VIP seating!

Enojy some clips below from the show (I apologize for having the songs wrong. I did not have time to prep properly for the show. I had only found a little bit earlier that John had downloaded Lionel Richie's Greatest Hits onto the Zune) They also sound better if you turn the sound down:
1. Opening Song

2. Realizes HR people are crazy. Talks about his 30 yrs in the biz and surviving Nicole for 27.

3. Easy Like a Sunday Morning

4. Brick House and Fire

5. Hello

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