Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adventures in Ross

So what else do you do when you've got a couple hours to kill in Del Rio? You go to the "mall" which consists of Ross, JC Penny and Bealls. Great anchor stores right? Of course I spent most of my time in Ross as it is the most interesting of the bunch. You can almost always find something interesting in Ross. It's even where we got our regifting clown, properly named Ross:
My first find were these AWESOME Pimp Cups. One lucky bride and groom of the 4 weddings I have left to attend this year will get to be the PROUD owner of these beauties! Who wouldn't want their very own pimp cup?
I also found a sugar jar that either my mom or gandmother had when I was a kid. I didn't buy it though. If there had been a whole set you can bet I would have been all over them!
Now these weren't a Ross find, but I thought the girls would have been all over them. These two shirts I found at Steve and Barry's. Ladies, I'm sure if you want one you can drive all the way to the South Side of SA and have your very own. They're only $8.99 too!
The one thing I bought that I'm actually excited about are these lovely coffee cups. Don't they look great against my hotel's bedspread? I bought four of these. It's about time we have 4 large (John is obsessed with having large coffee cups) cups that match.

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