Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Things Recently Learned

1. It takes quite a bit of talent to sit Indian Style on an exercise ball.

2. My coworker walking into my office offering me a 1lb bag of beef jerkey no longer surprises me.

3. Making fries in the toaster over will not happen if the toaster oven is not plugged in.

4. Chili will not heat up on the stove if the burner is not turned on either.

5. Do not use all your cheese to make cheese fries when you're also making chili cheese dogs.

6. My husband is suffering more than me with the lack of AC because his work refuses to put an AC in his work truck.

7. Faking a bachelorette party can easily be done by a bunch of drunk girls at a west side Wal-Mart.
8. Lunch at Tip Top can solve everything.

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