Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recent Events In Pictures

May started off innocently enough with Julie's Bday

followed by Girl's Night Out

Where we learned that a faux bachelorette party is a great way to get free drinks

That night we also learned what not to wear to a bar and that a $75 mullet is still a mullet.

The third lesson of the night is that too much alcohol makes you end up with pictures like this:
and like this:

The final lesson learned is that the only cure for a hangover that is still around at 8 pm the following day is Taco Cabana.
Then John and I then went to the Spurs Game

and the Spurs WON! and everything was right again in the world

Soon after our AC was finally fixed! YAY! and everything stayed right with the world.
Then we went to the Spurs game again because everyone was jealous that we went to the Spurs game.

and the Spurs won again! Continuing to make everything right in the world

Then I got home and found out my cell phone was gone (aka stolen and I hope whoever the loser is that has it enjoyed the lovely voicemail from my insurance agent) and all was NOT right with the world.
After a quick lunch trip to the West Side I had a new phone:

Old Phone New Phone
I actually miss the blue!
I probably also still need your phone number so be sure to send it to me.
and for now.....that is all.

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