Friday, May 16, 2008

A Little Insight into the World of Men

So while I was in class tonight John had one of his man friends (MF) over. I get home and ask, "so what do you and MF do?" He replied, "we played a little Call of Duty, but mainly just talked." I'm thinking talked? Is THAT what guys do? To keep MF anonymous I will leave out the details of what they talked about. I say to him (sarcastically), "Wow. Sounds like you guys had a load of fun." He's like, "yeah well it was cool. Oh yeah, MF also took some of my porn." Me: "What? You guys watched porn together?" I'm informed that NO guys do not watch porn together, but that MF brought over his own hard drive to copy John's porn on to. I say, "so guys share their porn?" I'm informed that, "hell yeah we do!" I say, "that's just weird." I'm told that one day MF came over and brought a jump drive that had some porn on it. He offered it up, John said, "hell yeah I'll take it if it's good." It was then discovered by MF that my husband watches quite a bit of porn and has a large collection. Apparantly it's so large (and kept in a folder on his computer that says, Do Not Open. This by the way was upgraded from a CD called Heavy Metal Hits) that MF had to bring his own hard drive to fit it all on. Me, I'm still thinking this is pretty freaking weird and cannot come up with a SINGLE thing that girls share that could compare to this when I'm told, "Well porn can be a little risky to download and so when a guy has a lot of it he shares it. It's like, hey man, I've got a fridge full of free beer! Why don't you come over and have some." Yeah. I'm still not understanding this one....

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