Tuesday, April 29, 2008

There's something in the fireplace

At least that's what my dogs had me thinking last night. John and I were eating dinner and he nudges me and points to Reese who has her head stuck up in the fireplace. We just think, weirdo. Typical Reese stuff, acting paranoid for no reason. Like the time she had me CONVINCED that someone had snuck into the house while I was out walking her. Normally I'd pass it off as her own form of craziness, but she kept.going.back! Then Riley went and checked it out. Then they both just laid there on the floor staring at the fireplace and all I could think of was THIS! I texted Julie to tell her about this bit of craziness and she agreed - just like Dooce she wrote back. I said I was too scared to look, but really wanted to stick a broomstick up there. I mean it could be ANYTHING! NOTHING! Of course John just thought I was crazy and went to the other room to watch the Indiana Jones movies so he's prepared when the new movie comes out. So I worked up the courage (ie, waited until Sunday night's Tudors that I DVR'd and didn't have time to watch was over) grabbed my flashlight, and tried to look up the flue. OK, that is the TINIEST HOLE EVER! Good thing this is TEXAS and I have NO USE for a freaking fireplace, because the one time that it does reach 30 degrees in the winter and I get the crazy feeling to light a fire my ENTIRE HOUSE will fill with smoke. Basically I couldn't really see anything and figured that the hole was WAY TOO TINY for a 20lb raccoon to fit in there and I've convinced myself that the light would have scared away the bats. My only guess is that somehow the flue opened up and the dogs could tell there was air coming in.

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