Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Little Grocery Store Etiquette Please

So I'm checking out at HEB and there is no bagger. Halfway through running my items over the scanner the checker stops and start bagging. I'm kind of like, seriously? I don't have THAT many items. So I move over and start grabbing bags and putting them in the cart. While I was doing this the guy behind me moves over to the little elevated counter that the credit card swipe thing is on and settles himself in in MY SPOT! He went so far as putting his arm across it and laying his head down. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Dude, I know you life is so sorry that here you are on a Friday night, buying 2 Tostinos hamburger pizzas that you know you're going to go home and try to microwave even though the box says not to do this and then eat them all by your little lonesome sorry self. That would make me want to hang my head and cry too, but you' So I attempt to move back into my spot and my eyes that are now glaring a hole into loser boy's head finally get him to lift his head and look at me like, what? I oh so casually reach across him, swipe my card, and scribble on the pad since he has now retreated about an inch further from his new found headrest. All while I am giving him the same, are you that freaking dense glare, I take my receipt and head out my merry little way. I hope he chokes on the sorry soggy mess that will soon be his pizza.

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