Thursday, April 24, 2008


So every Monday through Friday during my 30 minute commute I listen to Kidd Kraddick in the morning. Most of the time they're pretty entertaining. Sometimes they make you cry (thanks Kidds Kids) and sometimes I learn some new gossip news.

Well every week they do a thing called Music that Makes You Cooler and Kidd or whoever tries to find new undiscovered artists. Well last Friday he found Freddy. Freddy had a record deal, was making an album and suddenly got dropped. Well now Kidd is giving him a second chance. Someone donated a UHaul and a Piano and Freddy is driving across the country from where he goes to school in Pennsylvania all the way to Dallas. He's putting on little shows all over the country to get gas money so he can get to Dallas and perform on the Kidd Kraddick show Friday morning.

Now usually, I like a song or two that they come up with on Music that Makes You Cooler and of course I NEVER remember who it was that sang it and don't remember the song until it shows up on a Gap commercial 6 months later, but I actually like Freddy. So check out his story on and listen to a few of his songs on his website His website actually reminds me a little of Juno. He just needs to carry around a giant Sunny D.

Here's Freddy. He kind of looks like Adrian Grenier in this one.
Nevermind.....the stupid photo upload isn't working. Maybe another time!

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