Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Conversation with John

Me: Hey babe, sorry I missed your call. I haven't check your voicemail either. What's up
John: I was just calling to tell you I bought my video game (Grand Theft Auto 4) anyway.
Me: Anyway?
John: Well I figured that you not calling me back was the OK to go ahead and buy it.
Me: Oh really?
John: Yeah. And I went ahead and bought the guide and renewed my subscription to Game Informer.
Me: Soooo basically this just cost us like a 100 bucks?
John: Noooooo….
Me: *sarcastically* What, like 90?
John: More like 97. BUT the guide was $15 instead of $20 and I got a discount on my Game Informer. I got it for only $15. So I saved us lots of money.
Me: Right....
John: Yeah, so Karl sent me a text and it had only ONE WORD.
Me: Oh yeah?
John: Yeah - IRONMAN!
Me: Wow….so ok *trying to get off the phone*
John: Yeah and I, oh, ok, I'll..
Me: Babe. Were you going to tell me what you wrote back to Karl?
John: Well….yeah…
Me: OK?
John: WELL, I didn't write him I.left.him.a.voicemail.
Me: and?
John: Yeah, so *excited kid in the candy store* I sang him the Iron Man song, but made up my own words to it about how we're going to go see the movie tonight and how awesome it's going to be.
Me: *LITERALLY bangs head on desk* Babe, I'm going now.
John: Ok, I'm HAVING SUCH A GOOD DAY!!!!Me: You just made me bang my head on my desk.
John: The Spurs are gonna win! I'm gonna see IRON MAN!!!
Me: Ok, I'm going now
John: Ok babe, MAN, da nanana nahnah da na na
Me: *hangs up*

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