Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Baby Bake!!!

This past weekend was Baby Bake weekend! I got to hang out with people that I only see once a year. This year the usual suspects didn't show, but I got to hang with my old roomie Rosa. We haven't been to a bake together since we were in school. I also got to hang with my little bro Erin. Another girl that I don't get to see much (and yes, Erin is a girl that is my brother, it's a frat thing).
Me and Erin

some DSP love from Sarah and Janet
Rosa, Me, Clarie, and Tati
John and I
Of course no blog post of mine would be complete without me making fun of someone if not myself. Here's some guy sleeping. Seriously. How do you fall asleep at the Bake?

To end the night John decided he would try to jump over a trash can. Don't ask why. I didn't think he could do it and you'll have to watch in order to see if he proved me wrong.

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