Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wal-Mart is a VERY different place at 8 a.m.

Did you know that no one but little old ladies shop at Wal-Mart early in the morning? I've never seen so many together all at once - unless I'm at a Luby's of course. Plus I think about half of them were on motorized scooters. I kept dodging them as they zoomed around the aisles. I even saw one leaning on her basket sleeping in the soap aisle! I'm not kidding! I almost wanted to check and see if she was still breathing. I'm sure I looked just as crazy to them with my sunglasses still on, my travel mug of coffee in my hand, trying to dodge grannies on scooters in my 3 inch heels, as I frantically searched for a birthday card that could be deemed "workplace appropriate."

A Conversation with John

Me: Hey babe, sorry I missed your call. I haven't check your voicemail either. What's up
John: I was just calling to tell you I bought my video game (Grand Theft Auto 4) anyway.
Me: Anyway?
John: Well I figured that you not calling me back was the OK to go ahead and buy it.
Me: Oh really?
John: Yeah. And I went ahead and bought the guide and renewed my subscription to Game Informer.
Me: Soooo basically this just cost us like a 100 bucks?
John: Noooooo….
Me: *sarcastically* What, like 90?
John: More like 97. BUT the guide was $15 instead of $20 and I got a discount on my Game Informer. I got it for only $15. So I saved us lots of money.
Me: Right....
John: Yeah, so Karl sent me a text and it had only ONE WORD.
Me: Oh yeah?
John: Yeah - IRONMAN!
Me: Wow….so ok *trying to get off the phone*
John: Yeah and I, oh, ok, I'll..
Me: Babe. Were you going to tell me what you wrote back to Karl?
John: Well….yeah…
Me: OK?
John: WELL, I didn't write him I.left.him.a.voicemail.
Me: and?
John: Yeah, so *excited kid in the candy store* I sang him the Iron Man song, but made up my own words to it about how we're going to go see the movie tonight and how awesome it's going to be.
Me: *LITERALLY bangs head on desk* Babe, I'm going now.
John: Ok, I'm HAVING SUCH A GOOD DAY!!!!Me: You just made me bang my head on my desk.
John: The Spurs are gonna win! I'm gonna see IRON MAN!!!
Me: Ok, I'm going now
John: Ok babe, MAN, da nanana nahnah da na na
Me: *hangs up*

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

There's something in the fireplace

At least that's what my dogs had me thinking last night. John and I were eating dinner and he nudges me and points to Reese who has her head stuck up in the fireplace. We just think, weirdo. Typical Reese stuff, acting paranoid for no reason. Like the time she had me CONVINCED that someone had snuck into the house while I was out walking her. Normally I'd pass it off as her own form of craziness, but she kept.going.back! Then Riley went and checked it out. Then they both just laid there on the floor staring at the fireplace and all I could think of was THIS! I texted Julie to tell her about this bit of craziness and she agreed - just like Dooce she wrote back. I said I was too scared to look, but really wanted to stick a broomstick up there. I mean it could be ANYTHING! NOTHING! Of course John just thought I was crazy and went to the other room to watch the Indiana Jones movies so he's prepared when the new movie comes out. So I worked up the courage (ie, waited until Sunday night's Tudors that I DVR'd and didn't have time to watch was over) grabbed my flashlight, and tried to look up the flue. OK, that is the TINIEST HOLE EVER! Good thing this is TEXAS and I have NO USE for a freaking fireplace, because the one time that it does reach 30 degrees in the winter and I get the crazy feeling to light a fire my ENTIRE HOUSE will fill with smoke. Basically I couldn't really see anything and figured that the hole was WAY TOO TINY for a 20lb raccoon to fit in there and I've convinced myself that the light would have scared away the bats. My only guess is that somehow the flue opened up and the dogs could tell there was air coming in.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So every Monday through Friday during my 30 minute commute I listen to Kidd Kraddick in the morning. Most of the time they're pretty entertaining. Sometimes they make you cry (thanks Kidds Kids) and sometimes I learn some new gossip news.

Well every week they do a thing called Music that Makes You Cooler and Kidd or whoever tries to find new undiscovered artists. Well last Friday he found Freddy. Freddy had a record deal, was making an album and suddenly got dropped. Well now Kidd is giving him a second chance. Someone donated a UHaul and a Piano and Freddy is driving across the country from where he goes to school in Pennsylvania all the way to Dallas. He's putting on little shows all over the country to get gas money so he can get to Dallas and perform on the Kidd Kraddick show Friday morning.

Now usually, I like a song or two that they come up with on Music that Makes You Cooler and of course I NEVER remember who it was that sang it and don't remember the song until it shows up on a Gap commercial 6 months later, but I actually like Freddy. So check out his story on and listen to a few of his songs on his website His website actually reminds me a little of Juno. He just needs to carry around a giant Sunny D.

Here's Freddy. He kind of looks like Adrian Grenier in this one.
Nevermind.....the stupid photo upload isn't working. Maybe another time!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Little Grocery Store Etiquette Please

So I'm checking out at HEB and there is no bagger. Halfway through running my items over the scanner the checker stops and start bagging. I'm kind of like, seriously? I don't have THAT many items. So I move over and start grabbing bags and putting them in the cart. While I was doing this the guy behind me moves over to the little elevated counter that the credit card swipe thing is on and settles himself in in MY SPOT! He went so far as putting his arm across it and laying his head down. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Dude, I know you life is so sorry that here you are on a Friday night, buying 2 Tostinos hamburger pizzas that you know you're going to go home and try to microwave even though the box says not to do this and then eat them all by your little lonesome sorry self. That would make me want to hang my head and cry too, but you' So I attempt to move back into my spot and my eyes that are now glaring a hole into loser boy's head finally get him to lift his head and look at me like, what? I oh so casually reach across him, swipe my card, and scribble on the pad since he has now retreated about an inch further from his new found headrest. All while I am giving him the same, are you that freaking dense glare, I take my receipt and head out my merry little way. I hope he chokes on the sorry soggy mess that will soon be his pizza.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How Did I Not Discover This Site Sooner?

Check out if you haven't already.

A few of my favorites that I was able to find with limited time:

Something that John is CONSTANTLY getting on to me about!

I hope everyone knows that they will now constantly be getting these for any situation that arises in their life. I LOVE that you can buy printed versions of these too!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Baby Bake!!!

This past weekend was Baby Bake weekend! I got to hang out with people that I only see once a year. This year the usual suspects didn't show, but I got to hang with my old roomie Rosa. We haven't been to a bake together since we were in school. I also got to hang with my little bro Erin. Another girl that I don't get to see much (and yes, Erin is a girl that is my brother, it's a frat thing).
Me and Erin

some DSP love from Sarah and Janet
Rosa, Me, Clarie, and Tati
John and I
Of course no blog post of mine would be complete without me making fun of someone if not myself. Here's some guy sleeping. Seriously. How do you fall asleep at the Bake?

To end the night John decided he would try to jump over a trash can. Don't ask why. I didn't think he could do it and you'll have to watch in order to see if he proved me wrong.

and the favorite birthday card award goes to.....

This was my favorite birthday card. It was from all my coworkers since we couldn't celebrate on my actual birthday.

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