Monday, February 18, 2008

Knotties' Night Out

I went out with some of the lovely San Antonio Knotties this weekend. We had a fantastic time. We started with dinner at Chuy's where we found out that by sitting in the middle of the room your voice was carried throughout the entire area. No wonder I got the funny looks as I did my impression of Virginia realizing that as my Maid of Honor she had to do a toast at the wedding. I do a great drunk, "what the fuck? I have to give a fucking toast?" impression of her if I do say so myself. Apprearantly the ladies behind us didn't think so. We also had to put up with the guy behind us whose voice sounded like he should be a NPR host. I'm sure that he appreciated my penis talk.

We carried on over at Silo. It has quickly become (along with the Falls) one of my FAVORITE places to people watch. You just can't beat scary looking tranny's, a couple of girls that looked like they came right off the corner somewhere along Austin Hwy, as well as all the people experiencing their own midlife crisis right on the dance floor. I also LOVED that I was not the only person there that could appreciate things like that.

Here are a few shots of all of us crazies. It was great fun ladies!

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