Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Sign I Need to Go Back to WW

So I go to the restroom and as I take a look in the mirror I realize I have a hole in my pants. Like a major 2 inch hole. It's located on the side seam just below the pocket. It's a big gaping hole with my cellulite thigh poking through. Who knows when this happened or how long I've been walking around with a hole in my pants. At least it's not up my crack. I'm sure people would have enjoyed my neon green panties. A locked office door and two safety pins later this problem has been solved, but the embarrassment lingers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vote for Me! (and John)

We've entered our wedding in The Knot's Real Wedding Awards. Go to: http://realweddingawards.theknot.com/ to vote.

You'll have to create a log in (you want get any email, don't worry). Search for us by typing Faith in the search box. Vote for both our website and our pictures. You can vote once a day so come back often and help us stay on top!

The picture winners will be featured in an upcoming edition of TheKnot Magazine and the website will appear on TheKnot.com


Faith & John

Monday, February 18, 2008

Knotties' Night Out

I went out with some of the lovely San Antonio Knotties this weekend. We had a fantastic time. We started with dinner at Chuy's where we found out that by sitting in the middle of the room your voice was carried throughout the entire area. No wonder I got the funny looks as I did my impression of Virginia realizing that as my Maid of Honor she had to do a toast at the wedding. I do a great drunk, "what the fuck? I have to give a fucking toast?" impression of her if I do say so myself. Apprearantly the ladies behind us didn't think so. We also had to put up with the guy behind us whose voice sounded like he should be a NPR host. I'm sure that he appreciated my penis talk.

We carried on over at Silo. It has quickly become (along with the Falls) one of my FAVORITE places to people watch. You just can't beat scary looking tranny's, a couple of girls that looked like they came right off the corner somewhere along Austin Hwy, as well as all the people experiencing their own midlife crisis right on the dance floor. I also LOVED that I was not the only person there that could appreciate things like that.

Here are a few shots of all of us crazies. It was great fun ladies!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Girls' Weekend

So last weekend we decided we needed to do a girl's night out. One where we got WASTED. We're talking, the boys drop us off and then pick us up. So we headed over to Hills and Dales and we achieved just that. We even had a midnight run to Whataburger. Here's a favorite clip of Julie doing the stomping dance in the parking lot afterwards:

Thanks to John for being our chauffer!

We also went out on Saturday for an early celebration of Laura's birthday. We headed over to Martini's and had a fantastic time. The Wayne Harper Band plays there on the weekend and they were so good. We're definitely going to head back over there sometime.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Today's Bit of Randomness

Last night I had a dream that I worked at Jack in the Box. I was so good at it they made me manager after a day. Anyone care for a Sourdough Jack?

My admin wore a faux fur coat this morning.

I saw a homeless guy standing on the corner holding his Please Help sign while talking on his cell phone.

There was a guy at the gas station holding a case of budweiser with one of those fake velvet roses sticking out the top of it. Nothing says Happy Early Valentine's Day Baby like a case a beer and a fake gas station flower.

Ahhhh.....and the day's not even over yet!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The good sleep

So I have been incredibly tired lately. Like All I want to do when I get home is crawl right in to bed. It also doesn't help that my house is a meat locker, but that's another story. I've been passing out somewhere around 9:30 or 10 lately and when I wake up I'm still tired! John and I have gotten into this routine. He leaves right about the time my alarm goes off. Him coming in to kiss me bye is bascially another opportunity for me to hit the snooze. Except I haven't been hitting snooze. I turn the dang alarm off and go right back to sleep. It's that good sleep too. You know the nice, warm heavy kind, where you wake up with wrinkles from your clothes all over your body. The sleep that's so good you don't ever want to wake up from it, but it only lasts just a short while. Mmmm....it's a nice way to wake up, except when you realize that you're now running 20 minutes late.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Riley, cute dog to Sh!t Head in 0.5 seconds

So Thursday night I got home and then walked over to get the mail. As I'm walking back to the house, Riley meets me on the sidewalk. Little bugger has dug another hole in the backyard.

So this morning I let the dogs out and Riley is a little too eager as he runs out the door. Usually the dogs are still waking up and kind of look at me like, you want us to go out there? It's still early, I haven't had my morning kibble and it's cold. I wishfully think to myself that he'll be too cold to head for the hole this early in the morning.

The usual amount of time passes in which the dogs are outside. Usually on a "cold" morning such as this they're ready to come in early. Well neither of them are waiting at the door. I open it, call them, and only Reese comes up. I give Riley another second, look at Reese and say, "where's your brother." She just looks at me like, "huh?" I walk out calling for Riley and no sign. There are however two very large holes.

I think crap, stupid little sh!t head. I take my hair out of the towel, throw on John's sandals, grab Reese and take my white rob clad ass out to the street to look for him. No sign. Doesn't he know I look like a crazy person? I'm pretty sure the little sh!t was hiding in the bushes snickering at me. I go inside and head out back to see if he's still running around in the ditch. No such luck. I head out to the front again. I notice there are school children standing on the corners now waiting for the bus. Fabulous. Now they all have the story of the crazy neighborhood lady running around with wet hair in her bathrobe and her husband's sandals looking for her damn dog at 7 am.

I'm standing in the middle of the street looking for the dog and yelling "Riley!" when I see him dart out from behind someone's trash can. I start walking over to him and he crosses the street to a group of kids as they hollar back, "he's right here." Yeah, thanks, I saw that. I walk over muttering to myself about how much of an idiot I must look like and at least it's only kids and there aren't any grownups around to say how distasteful I must be and why couldn't I have at least put on some real clothes. I get to the corner and sure enough, there's dear old dad standing on the corner with his kids laughing at me. I mutter thanks and sorry I look like a crazy person, scoop up the dog and walk as fast as I can back to the house. Come on man, your kids are 12. Can't they stand out on the street corner by themselves now? I'm sure he and his wife are having a great laugh at my expense.

Thanks you little black sh!t head.

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