Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Can we just rewind this week and start over? Or actually lets just make it Friday.

So yesterday I decided to give the corneal molding another chance. I call the doc on my way to the orthodontist to have them order the new lenses. They say they want me to come in to get new mappings of my eye. Ok, no big deal, they say I'll be in and out. They can get me in at 5 since I'm in that area. I actually get there early hoping they can get me in sooner. 5:45 I finally get called back. Are you kidding me? My ortho appt was at 3:30 and I had hoped to be home around 4 so I could make the baked spaghetti I have been lusting over. We finish the test and then realize that the stupid tech did it wrong. Gotta do it again. So then I go to pay for the new lenses, $280, oh wait, that's per lens. WTF!? So yeah, I just spent $560 on freaking contacts. I better not go and leave these in any hotel rooms. (When I signed up 2 yrs ago they said somewhere between $300-400, $560 is a bit steep to me) Whatever, I pony up the cash, errr credit card, and leave. The doc is at Stone Oak and Huebner, I'm at Blanco and 1604 when they call to say, oh the doc needed to see you can you come back. UGH!!!! This is after I've just hung up with John who says he was about to take a nap so now he can't brown any hamburger meat for my baked spaghetti. It's freaking 6 pm! You've been home for 2 hours! You couldn't have taken a nap then!?

So yeah, I'm not impressed with the eye doc right now. I'm almost wishing I had saved my money and just gone with the regular contacts again. Plus I can't stand the sight or the sound of the glorified receptionist's voice. He still makes me angry even though I get a good chuckle at seeing him answering phones for a living now.

Then this morning. I wake up late. I didn't want to get out of bed because it was FREEZING in the house. Yep, 62 again. I'm going to have to write a letter to Mr. Global Warming next.

So I'm running late and as I'm sitting at a stop sign, waiting for the line of cars to get on to the access road, my freaking coffee decides to leak all over me. I have the "Oh crap" moment where my foot leaves the break for a split second and I end up hitting the car in front of me. Fan-freaking-tastic. Luckily no damage was done, it was a super sweet little couple and we were all on our way in a few minutes.

Ugh! Now I just have to wait for the 3rd craptastic thing to happen to me today.

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