Thursday, January 24, 2008

That's Spray Tan Honey

Last night I came home from work early cuz I felt like crap (see post below). I change into sweats and immediately crawl under the covers. I'm laying there FREEZING. My feet are like icecicles and my body is sore from shivering. I'm convinced that I have the flu. I finally get up to go and take my temp, throw on my big wool coat for extra measure and pass by the thermostat. It's freaking 62 degrees. John had turned the heater off. I turn the heat on and go to make myself soup. John walks in wearing nothing but his underwear. The man has lost his mind! He says, "it's warmer in here than is is outside." Then he looks at me and says, "you don't look so good. You look kind of yellow. Are you jaundiced?" Me, to myself of course, "that's spray tan honey."

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