Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Target 2, me 0

Yeah, yeah. I went to Target again last night to get light bulbs and some other thing and left $150 poorer. Ahhhh! Why do you do this to me Target? Why?

Of course it is all stuff that I NEED or can at least justify needing in the near future. I mean we NEEDED the wrought iron table and chairs for the patio, and a rug for when you come in through the front door or garage, as well as a 2nd front door mat since the first one was square and not quite big enough, oh yeah - we needed those light bulbs too.

Plus they have the Global Bazaar stuff. Thankfully, although I did try to talk myself into it, I did not spend $180 on the most perfect trunk in the whole wide world that goes with my living room and would be the perfect thing I have been searching to put all my blankets in.

So today after work I am going to brave Target again. They are the only ones I have found that have my Tylenol Sinus behind the counter. That stuff works like magic and we're all out.

Ok Target, it's you and me. I will go in and not fall prey to your amazing deals, like the Riedel wine decanter and 2 wine glasses that were on clearance last night for $25 down from $40, which of course we NEEDED and bought only to immediately return because we found out that one of the glasses were broken. Or that I KNOW this particular location has the most perfect table top fire pit that I have been lusting over. I WILL go in and only buy Tylenol Sinus and some saline nose stuff for John. Tomorrow I will be able to post: Target 2, me 1!

Wish me luck!

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