Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Head Is Going to Explode

My head is going to explode. Not even the lovely meds with the meth ingredients are helping me. It's a sad sad day when the meth does me no good.

Plus I had trouble sleeping last night. Riley kept jumping on the bed. We got our new comforter so I'm really trying to break that habit. When I finally got him off and tried to go back to sleep, Abe's stomach kept growling. Poor guy. We're watching him while John's sister is out of town and Reese has been a total Biotch to him. She won't let him eat even! I have to kick her out of the room so he can get a bite. So last night I took him into the kitchen and put some treats in his bowl so he'd eat.

I also feel like I am never going to be warm again. My client decided to keep the heater off during a 2 hr meeting since it was so loud. I'm lucky I didn't have to go to the ER for frostbite. John also no longer believes in the heater because he's hot all the time. What about my comfort!?

I have class tonight with the first of many, many quizzes. Blah. I even have to buy scantrons. I also need to do my spray tan. I'm getting my hair ripped out tomorrow. I need to clean the crap out of my house for the house warming this weekend - not an easy task when you've got three dogs running around. Did I mention that my head is going to explode? This week should be fun!

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