Sunday, January 27, 2008

I hate you mountain cedar

Dear Mountain Cedar,

Will you please please please go away. You've made my husband sick for close to a month now. It's gotten so bad that he is convinced that he is allergic to our new house.

Then the other day when our cold front blew in you decided to mess with me to. Usually you and I get along pretty well, but you had to go and hit "dangerous levels." What, had I not paid you enough attention? My husband had already become a big sick baby that was driving me insane, was it not enough for you? As if half the population of the city wasn't already miserable, you had to go for the rest of us, including me.

I've finally found medicine that works for dear hubby and have gotten him to take it on a regular basis. However, I can't sleep when I take it. I toss and turn and wake up every single hour of the night. They don't make my favorite Benadryl D anymore or my Tylenol Sinus and I'm hoarding my last pills like some kind of crazed crack whore. I've finally discovered Advil Sinus that kind of does the job. But because of all the crazy meth heads out there I have to wait in line at the pharmacy and pick up two different kind of barely legal meds - one for me, one for the hubby. I always catch slack from whoever is working in the pharmacy and they all tell me that I can't buy two different kinds of meds. I ensure them that yes, yes I can, I've done it plenty of times now and then I get the suspicious look. I've bought so many psuedoephedrine products now I'm probably on some governmental watch list for suspected meth producers and it's all thanks to you Mountain Cedar.

So why don't you do us all a favor and just hit the road already? Give some other allergen a chance to make us miserable. I need a break. Plus, I don't feel like being carted off for suspected meth production and I'm starting to get to a dangerously low level of Benadryl D. I will need those lovely blue pills in the spring.

Begging you,


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  1. Here's hoping you feel better soon! p.s. we share similar taste in music, yay for Janis and Jack!


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