Thursday, January 17, 2008

General Ramblings

I got my first ever spray tan last night. I don't think I used enough cream on my feet cuz they look funny. Thankfully it's only on the bottoms and it's probably because I have freaky feet that have the world's thickest calluses on the bottom. I also realized that I didn't tilt my chin up a bit so I was all splotchy. In fact my neck looked like it did when I was 10 and wore the fake necklace for too long and it turned dark and dirty looking. A ton of scrubbing solved that problem too. I think I still smell like spray tan though. It's probably just me and I'm sure I will have someone smell me later just to make sure, but I keep getting whiffs of it. It's probably coming from my freakish orange feet.

John got to sleep in today and I hated him for it. It was such a PITA trying to get ready this morning. I had to be all quiet, keep the doors closed so the light didn't go into the room. I actually got ready in the other bathroom because the mirror was still foggy in ours. Then when I left the dogs decided to get up and go crazy. The nails clicking on the floor can be like nails on a chalkboard sometimes. Just wait until I pull out the dremel on you you two crazies. We'll get even then.

I leave this morning's entry with Hat Guy. He gave me the, "How you doin'?" at the bar the other night. Seriously. Why would you go to Silo looking like this?

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